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Guangming Daily: On High Alert for the Danger of Lacking in Drive

In his speech on July 1, 2011, the 90th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party, Hu Jintao said, “The entire Party must be keenly aware that at a time of profound changes in global, national, and intra-Party conditions, we are faced with many new developments, problems, and challenges in our efforts to enhance the Party’s leadership and governance and its ability to resist corruption and degeneration, to withstand risks, and to strengthen its governance capacity and advanced nature. … The whole Party is confronted with a growing danger coming from a lack of drive, incompetence, being separated from the people, lacking initiative, and corruption. It has thus become even more important and urgent than ever before for the Party to police itself and impose strict discipline on its members.”

On October 2, 2011, Guangming Daily published an article “On High Alert for the Danger of Lacking Drive,” which enumerates the causes, manifestations, and consequences of the “growing danger from the lack of drive.” The article lists the causes for the lack of the drive among CCP cadres, including a “feeling of achievement,” a “feeling of safety,” “inertia in governance,” and “the effects of wealth.” The lack of drive is exhibited among CCP cadres as mental and spiritual emptiness, being lazy, being content with mediocre performance, and spending extravagantly.

The article warns that, if the lack of drive continues, the Party will lose its popularity and its social base; by doing nothing, it will lose its leading and governing position. “Being slack will cause a chain reaction, resulting in a rigid way of thinking, stagnation in theory, moral decline, the collapse of ideology, and the death of the spirit of enterprise. It is an important reason for the Communist Party in some countries to have lost their advanced nature, lost popularity, lost their social base, and lost their leading and ruling position. These tragedies, involving the demise of the Party and loss of the country, were not so long ago. We must not repeat the same mistake.”

Source: Guangming Daily, October 2, 2011