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Study Times: The Socialist Pathan Important Choice in the Future Development of Human Civilization

An article in Study Times, a publication of the Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party, emphasized the importance of ideology in China’s development. The article stated, "China has gone through more than 30 years of socialist reform and development as well as a rapid rise as a major socialist country. These happenings fully demonstrate … that socialist ideology is still the fundamental value that will guide us in actualizing the future ideal society and civilization. In order to establish the ‘socialist path’ as an important movement in human society’s progress and an important choice in the future direction of human civilization, China, as a major socialist country, shoulders a great historic responsibility for the fate of socialist development. As such, in the future, our socialist reform must use the core value of socialist ideology as our guide."

"All in all, using ideology as the ‘national belief’ makes it not only the guiding principle of a nation’s development, but also a fundamental manifestation of a country’s ‘autonomy.’ The essence of the establishment of China’s status in modern international civilization represents the splendor of our socialist ideology."
Source: Study Times, October 3, 2011