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China’s Chairman of National People’s Congress: We Resolutely Reject Western Constitutionalism

On October 23, Li Zhanshu, who is a member of the Chinese Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee and Chairman of the National People’s Congress gave a speech at the closing ceremony of the 31st meeting of the People’s Congress Standing Committee.

Li stressed, “First, we must adhere to the Party’s overall leadership as the highest political principle, resolutely uphold the authority of the Party Central Committee and its centralized and unified leadership … . Second, we must unswervingly follow the path of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. … We must not give up the fundamental nature of China’s political system and (must) resolutely oppose, resist, and prevent the erosive influence of the ‘constitutionalism,’ multi-party elections, separation of powers, the bicameral system, and the independence of the judiciary that exists in the West …”

Source: People’s Daily, October 24, 2021