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Huanqiu: The U.S. Ambassador Is a “Wolf Warrior”

President Joe Biden nominated Nicholas Burns as the U.S. Ambassador to China. At his Senate confirmation hearing on October 20, Burns took a tough line on dealings with China. He called China the United States’ “most dangerous competitor.” Burns said, “The PRC’s genocide in Xinjiang, its abuses in Tibet, its smothering of Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms, and its bullying of Taiwan are unjust and must stop.”

In his article published on both Weibo and Huanqiu, Huanqiu’s Chief-Editor Hu Xijin Commented on Burn’s Senate hearing. He called Burns the U.S. “Wolf Warrior.”

Hu said, “President Biden’s nominee for the new U.S. Ambassador to China, Mr. Burns, delivered a vicious and systematic attack on China at a hearing on Wednesday, acting like a ‘wolf warrior.’ Instead of demonstrating his willingness to promote friendly relations between China and the United States and their peoples, he presented himself as a ‘wolf warrior ambassador’ who humiliated the original meaning of diplomatic envoy and set a terribly bad example for the global diplomatic community. …”

Hu said that the West blamed Beijing for taking a “wolf warrior” approach. “But actually it is the U.S. that pushes the diplomacy into a ‘wolf war.’” Hu then used a Chinese idiom to describe the U.S. as “the thief who cries out to catch a thief (accusing others of being a thief).”

Finally, Hu said, “Okay, Mr. Burns, we are waiting for you in Beijing.”

Source: Huanqiu, October 22, 2021