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Song by Namewee Offended Communist China but Went Viral Everywhere Else

A song, “It might Break Your Pinky Heart” by Malaysian songwriter Namewee and Australian singer Kimberley Chen reached 16 million views on YouTube in 10 days. The music video uses pink as the theme color. The footage and lyrics contain underlying sarcasm about communist China which is “too fragile” to allow any criticism. The song was taken off the shelves in China immediately after it went live. Both singers’ Weibo accounts were suspended. On Youtube, there were hundreds of thousands of comments. One viewer from mainland China wrote: “Thank you for singing loud for us because We don’t dare to speak out ourselves. Yet this is the reality in China.” Namewee wrote on his Facebook page on October 25 that the song was not that powerful. It was famous because people have awakened.


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