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People’s Daily: China Suspending National Defense Mobilization Laws

People’s Daily recently reported that the Standing Committee Member of the National People’s Congress just adopted an official decision to suspend these provisions in the National Defense Mobilization Law, the Civil Air Defense Law, the National Defense Transportation Law, and the National Defense Education Law: national defense mobilization, militia mobilization, economic mobilization, civil air defense, transportation readiness, national defense education leadership administration, military and local functions configuration, work organization settings, as well as commend and control of national defense mobilization resources. The Chinese congressional decision cited the Communist Party Central Committee’s policies on “deepening the reform” of the national defense mobilization system. The above-mentioned provisions in these respective laws will remain suspended until the Party fully develops the reform measures and is ready to amend the laws. At the same time, popular Chinese news site The Paper reported that The Chinese Central Military Commission approved free medical care for military spouses, as well as preferential medical care for parents of military personnel and the parents of their spouses.

(1) People’s Daily, October 24, 2021
(2) The Paper, October 27, 2021