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Xinhua News Agency Delivers the Chinese Communist Party’s Messages

On November 7, 2011, Xinhua News Agency’s Outlook Weekly published an article titled “The 80th Anniversary of Xinhua News Agency’s Founding: a Media with a National Mission.” Recalling Xinhua‘s 80-year history, the article proudly proclaimed that “no other media in the world has even been so closely linked to the rise and fall of a country, a nationality, and a ruling party.” Under the leadership of the CCP, Xinhua News Agency delivers the Chinese Communist Party’s messages.

The article especially mentioned the Xinhua billboard which has been in New York City’s Times Square since August 1 of this year, saying it “represents the beginning of a new era.” It concluded that “a culturally powerful country must have a powerful media force to influence world public opinion.”

Source: Xinhua News Agency Outlook Weekly, November 7, 2011