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China’s Marriage Rate Hit a Record Low

Young people in mainland China continue to lie down (tang ping or take a rather passive attitude toward life  — See the article at for a description of this phenomenon) and not have a family. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, the number of marriages in the third quarter of this year hit a record low.

The latest official statistics released in October show that, in the third quarter of this year, only 1.72 million couples registered to be married. On a quarterly basis, this was the fist time the number has fallen below 2 million couples.

In the first three consecutive quarters of this year, marriage registrations have been falling. In these three quarters combined, 5.886 million couples registered to be married. That figure is 8,000 fewer than in the same period last year.

Analysts observed that the figure for national marriage registrations has fallen year after year since 2013.  The number fell below the 10 million mark in 2019 and it fell below the 9 million mark in 2020, when, in the whole country, only 8.131 million couples registered for marriage.

The recent figures cited above reflect the younger generations’ continuing distrust of the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) and the widespread public grievances against the regime. Not getting married has become a form of protest against the CCP’s calls for bigger families. People would rather “lie down” to avoid bearing the rising costs of having a family.

Source: Ministry of Civil Affairs, October 29, 2021