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Global Times: It Is Imperative to Build a High-Tech “Non-American” System

China’s state-run media Global Times published an opinion article, calling for China to build a high-tech “non-U.S. system.”

The article said, “November 8th was the deadline for the U.S. government to ‘blackmail’ the commercial data of semiconductor companies. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC) stated that it had ‘responded’ to the U.S. request, but emphasized that no customer-specific data was disclosed. It can be seen that this move by the U.S. government will not only impact the commercial reputation of TSMC and other foundries, but it will also affect the commercial safety of the entire upstream and downstream customers who use the foundries as a link. The U.S. government continues to intensify its political intervention in the global high-tech industry. The most far-reaching effect is for China to urge China, and also to warn all high-tech companies in the world, In order to get rid of the political hegemony of the United States. It is imperative to establish a global high-tech ‘non-U.S. system.’ There is no other way around it!”

“The global high-tech supply chain is chaotic. In addition to the (Covid-19) pandemic factor, the gross intervention of the US government is also to blame. The series of measures taken by the U.S. government not only dispelled China’s illusion of long-term dependence on U.S. core technology and industrial ecology. It also began to alert other countries: without getting rid of the U.S. monopoly and stepping out of the U.S. single-system technology route, it will be difficult to obtain true industrial independence.  … U.S. hegemony is deeply entrenched and difficult to shake off in the short term. The end of the U.S. unilateral monopoly in the high-tech field is the only way out. This is not only the only way for China’s high-tech, but also the only way for global high-tech.”

“The U.S. government’s intensified (intervention) has awakened more companies and countries around the world. To avoid political interference from the U.S. government, and to return the market, technology and science to their roots, the global high-tech industries must complete a revolutionary change — truly activate competition and get rid of the U.S. tech monopoly. On October 29, 2021, Huawei held a mobilization assembly entitled ‘No Retreat is the Road to Victory’ in the Songshan Lake Industrial Park. Ren Zhengfei (The Head of Huawei) clearly proclaimed: ‘Peace is achieved through a fight.’ Not only Huawei, but all high-tech industries in the world should give up illusions.”

Source: Global Times, November 9, 2021