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African Countries Are Moving Away from Communist China

The Eighth Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) took place in Dakar, Senegal, on September 29 and 30. Epoch Times reported that this eighth conference showed indications that African countries are no longer that close to Beijing.

First, the meeting was reduced to a ministerial-level conference. Beijing sent Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Commerce Minister Wang Wentao to the meeting. Xi Jinping also gave an on-line speech. The previous time, 40 Presidents, 10 Prime Ministers, and one Vice President from the African countries, as well as the President of the African Union Commission, attended the Seventh FOCAC in Beijing.

Second, several countries have started separating themselves from Beijing. The Republic of Congo took its mine development rights back from China. The reason was that China failed to deliver on many large contracts that it signed with the Congo, including 31 hospitals and 2 universities.

There was a rumor earlier this year that Kenya would give its port of Mombasa as collateral to Beijing to borrow money from China for rail construction. However, more recently, the Kenyan government stated that the port of Mombasa would not fall into the hands of Beijing even if it defaulted on its repayment.

Uganda, however, after participating in the Communist China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” program, is in danger of losing control of its only international airport to Beijing because of its inability to repay a huge loan or to renegotiate the loan agreement with the lender.

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