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Global Times: U.S. Poll Said Over Half of Americans Think China Is the Biggest Threat

Global Times recently published a commentary on the well-known Chinese news site NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES), saying a Ronald Reagan Institute poll showed that over half of Americans see China as its top threat, rather than Russia or any other country. The majority of Americans, on a bipartisan basis, are concerned about the possibility of war breaking out between China and the United States. The institute compared the results with what Americans thought about a number of issues in 2018. The results showed that, for the first time, most Americans see China as the greatest threat. When asked which country they think poses the greatest threat, 52 percent of Americans pointed to China, while only 14 percent said Russia. In 2018, only 21 percent of Americans thought China was the top threat, while 30 percent thought it was Russia. In 2021, 44 percent of Democratic supporters hold this view. For the Democratic Party, this is a sharp upward trend, because in February of this year, only 20 percent of Democratic supporters agreed with this view. Among the respondents to the poll, 20 percent expressed concerns about trade and economics, 19 percent expressed concerns about China’s military development, and 17 percent expressed concerns about so-called “human rights violations.” The institute’s final report pointed out that these worries are closely related to concerns about potential military conflicts between China and the United States. Around 71 percent of Americans expressed concern about this. Among them, 66 percent are Democratic supporters and 79 percent are Republican supporters. On the other hand, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out earlier that, in fact, the United States is the biggest threat to the world. Global Times expressed the belief that, apparently, the U.S. domestic inciting propaganda has worked.

Source: Global Times on NetEase, December 1, 2021