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China Review News: What was Mrs. Clinton Busy Doing in Asia?

China Review News published a commentary stating that all of the activities of U.S. Secretary of State Clinton in Asia in 2011 had the purpose of, in summary, building an environment hostile to China. Throughout 2011, Mrs. Clinton set foot in numerous Asian countries, some even twice. The U.S. had joint military exercises with countries neighboring China in the West Pacific and South China Sea. “[The U.S.] even sent its aircraft carriers to the Yellow River to show off its military, obviously an action against China.” “During the second half of the year, her visits to India, the Philippines and Burma were viewed as having a strong meaning for China, even as solidifying hostility against China. … She encouraged India to participate in containing China, provided military support to the Philippines to create chaos in the South China Sea, and dug holes in the foundation of the China-Burma relationship.”

Source: Chinese Review News, December 14, 2011