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U.S. Mainstream Media Silent on Their Interview of China’s Ambassador to the U.S.

Radio France Internationale reported on December 28 that Qin Gang, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, recently accepted a joint interview with some mainstream media in the United States. However, in the past few days, there has not been a single media report in the United States on the interview.

According to the official website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, on  December 20, Ambassador Qin Gang accepted a joint interview with the editors-in-chief and senior reporters of many mainstream media in Washington. The Bloomberg Innovation Economic Forum organized the interview in English in the form of a “fireside chat.”

The Chinese Embassy posted the interview content on its homepage and translated it into Chinese. The article emphasized that “all the content may be reported, and used as a background.” The Chinese media also highlighted Qin Gang’s remarks on Taiwan and how he discussed the United States provoking China on the Taiwan issue.

While the media inside China widely reported the interview, they questioned why none of the U.S. mainstream media reported the interview, including those who participated in the interview. “Why did they collectively lose their voice?” At least one commentator thought that the U.S. media did not want merely to reiterate Qin Gang’s propaganda.


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