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Pandemic: Xi’an Locked Down

Recently Xi’an City in Shaanxi Province suffered a severe COVID-19 outbreak. On December 28, the authorities reported 175 infection cases in the city, though the actual numbers are unknown as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is known for hiding COVID information.

As of December 30, the city had been locked down for eight days. The streets are empty and people are not allowed to go out. This is exactly like what had happened in Wuhan in 2020. Many people reported that they are running out of food,  though the government promised there will be ample supplies. In reality, however, they can’t get online to place orders or they have been able to place orders but there have been no deliveries.

People’s Daily reported on December 28, that the authorities sent over 150 military medical staff members to Xi’an and many of them had gone to Wuhan before during its lockdown.

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Source: SET News, December 27, 2021西安封城市民爆要斷糧了-解放軍進駐-024527255.html