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Nanfang Weekend: Integrating China’s Culture with the International Community

Nanfang Weekend published an article on China’s cultural integration. The article suggested that cultural integration needs flagship cultural products, or cultural aircraft carriers, to provide a major cultural influence to the world. The article argued that, though cultures in different countries are very diverse around the world, their underlining human civilizations are based on a common value system that the whole world shares. China should grasp that value system and develop its culture products in line with that value system in order to become a cultural “super power.”

[Ed: As China’s major state media continually deny that there are “universal values,” it is interesting to note that this article subtly hints that Western countries’ “universal values” are closer to the common value system of the world. The article pointed out, “(China’s) emphasis on the ‘Chinese characteristic’ and ‘China’s special situation’ is more focused on ‘individualism’ than on ‘commonality’ (of the world’s common value system).”]

Source: Nanfang Weekend Online, Jan 20, 2012