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Hu Xijin: We Cannot Do Anything to Intel Right Now; We Will Retaliate in the Future

Chinese media discovered on December 21 (2021) that, on its official website, Intel Corporation of the United States publicly requested that its supply chain not use any labor or purchase any products or services from Xinjiang, China.  Hu Xijin, the former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, commented, “Intel dares to do this because it has very few Xinjiang products in its supply chain and its CPU is still in demand in China at the present time. It is therefore not too worried about retaliation from the Chinese side …”

Hu Xijin said that the Chinese must have both heart and vision. We have to fight tit for tat with the United States, but there is no need to get overly caught up in them. We need to focus more on the domestic agenda. For a business like Intel, let’s take out a small notebook and write down the bad things it does. The stronger China becomes, the better we will be able to retaliate against them.

Source: Sina, December 22, 2021