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Cui Tiankai: The United States Is Bound to Contain China, China Must Be Fully Prepared

According to the official website of the China Institute of International Studies, on December 20th, Cui Tiankai, the former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and former ambassador to the United States, attended the 2021 International Situation and China’s Foreign Affairs Conference jointly organized by the China Institute of International Studies and the China Foundation for International Studies . Cui delivered a special speech regarding the development of Sino-U.S. relations.

Cui Tiankai pointed out in his speech that Sino-US relations will remain tortuous and turbulent in the future, and China must be fully prepared for this. “The historical stage of the current Sino-U.S. relations status will continue for some time. The United States will not willingly accept the rise of a big country with a very different social system, ideology, cultural traditions and race.

Cui said that The United States is bound to do everything possible to suppress China. China must be fully prepared and not fight battles without full confidence, nor engage in emotional or exhaustive battles.

Source: Sina, December 22, 2021