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AI Finance Hosts Broadcast for 70 Days without Anyone Knowing Host Was Not Real

National Business Daily has several daily TV programs reporting on financial news. One of them is “N Xiao Hei Financial News” with a male host and another one is “N Xiao Bai Mutual Funds” with a female host.

Xiaoice, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system developed by Microsoft Software Technology Center, announced on December 20, 2021, that it had broadcast those two programs with AI virtual hosts for 70 days. Until the announcement, the general public didn’t realize those hosts were not real persons. Apparently the technology was able to make the AI persons appear close enough to their original human hosts. Also the whole content editing was a streamline of full automation, without human involvement. That way, National Business Daily could broadcast AI TV programs 24/7.

Source: Phoenix, December 20, 2021