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Taiwan Bought Lithuanian Black Rum Because China Blocked it

Major Taiwanese news group Eastern Media International recently reported that, ever since Lithuania and Taiwan set up representative offices in each other’s capital last year, the Chinese Communist Party has been angry. Chna launched an economic and trade retaliation against Lithuania. On December 18 last year, Taiwan Liquor Company received a message from the Taiwan representative in Lithuania, and the Taiwanese Ministry of Finance, saying that there were 20,400 bottles of Lithuanian black rum blocked by Chinese Customs and the rum was about to face the fate of drifting in the Pacific. Taiwan Wine Company immediately approached the seller and acquired this shipment of black rum. In the meantime, Lithuanian beer has its own wholesaler in Taiwan. Together with private resellers, the sale of Lithuanian beer in Taiwan has exploded 24 times. Taiwanese consumers are cheering for Lithuania’s support of Taiwan’s position on the world stage.

Source: ETToday, January 3, 2022