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Qiushi: European Media are More Critical of China than U.S. Media

Qiushi published an article about China’s image in international communities. The article stated that Western mainstream reports tend to “demonize, marginalize, and mystify” China. “In the political arena, the BBC, CNN and other Western mainstream media are highly concerned about how the Chinese government handles emergencies [social unrest]. Positive comments on the Chinese government primarily focus on the speed and attitude of the Chinese government’s reactions. … Compared to the American media led by CNN, the Western European media, represented by the BBC, tend to do reports that are more critical of China. For example, the BCC favors subjects related to Chinese minorities and ecology. In particular, its ‘Hard Talk’ program centers on Tibet and frequently interviews advocates of Tibetan Independence.” The article cited the example of BBC reports on poor weather during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, which touched off one criticism after another of China’s environmental problems, “while in the U.S., ABC edited the footage of the Olympic opening ceremony and its effect was much more beautiful than that edited by China’s domestic media.”

Source: Qiushi, February 20, 2012