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Pandemic: Omicron Appeared in China and One More City Was Locked Down

By January 10, six cities in China reported Omicron cases, including Tianjin, Guangzhou (Guangdong Province), Shenzhen (Guangdong Province), Changsha (Hunan Province), Anyang (Henan Province), and Wuxi (Zhejiang Province).

Tianjin reported two cases on January 8. So far, the city has not been locked down, but started COVID testing of all 14 million residents in the city.

On January 10, Anyang reported that its cases were from Tianjin. The city, with 5.5 million residents, locked itself down, becoming the third city that was locked down in China. The first two cities were Xi’an, Shaanix Province (13 million people) and Yuzhou, Henan Province (1.1 million people).

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