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Party Organization Department: Follow the Party’s Rules; Resist Attacks from Wrong Ideology

In order to prepare for the upcoming selection of Party officials during the Party’s 18th Congress later this year, the Organization Department held a video conference on March 2, 2012. Departments of Organization from all levels participated.

The conference called for the Organization Departments at all levels to take the lead in launching campaigns that will further emphasize the importance of the Party spirit and the strengthening of Party members’ moral character. The goal is to “improve the public trust in the candidates and to develop an excellent atmosphere ahead of time.”

Li Yuanchao, the head of the Organization Department, spoke at the conference. Li stressed that the most important element of the party spirit is to be "firm on (China’s) political stance." It includes strictly following the Party’s political rules and regulations and resisting attacks from other wrong ideology. Li also requested the leaders of the Organization Department at different levels to visit the local work units, meet with Party leaders, establish communication channels, and assist Party leaders or the general public with any practical issues.

Source: Xinhua, March 3, 2012