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The U.S. Initiated a New Trade Investigation against China

Guangzhou Daily recently reported that the U.S. International Trade Commission started an investigation on February 29, 2012, involving two Chinese companies and one Canadian company that make tattoo equipment as well as permanent cosmetic ink and application equipment. The investigation is taking place "to ensure patent protection." The final ruling date will be determined within 45 days. An investigation typically takes one year to reach a final ruling. This is the latest round of investigations after an earlier round a month ago on laser printer toners, camera phones, tablets, and other handheld image capturing devices, as well as adjustable energy-saving fluorescent lamps. 13 Chinese companies were investigated. In the U.S. fiscal year 2011, over 70 investigations were initiated under the U.S. Tariff Act, Section 337.

Source: Guangzhou Daily, March 2, 2012