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Pandemic: Beijing Winter Olympics Will Not Sell Tickets

On January 17, the authorities in China announced the decision not to sell tickets to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games to the general public. Instead, it will give tickets free to those people the government trusts. This is due to the continuous spread of the COVID-19 virus in several cities in China, including Beijing.

The earlier plan was to sell the game tickets to Chinese citizens only. Foreign visitors were not allowed to watch the games.

Some sources suggested that Beijing might give tickets to government employees or employees of companies listed on stock exchanges.

AFP  (Agence France-Presse) said that, last week, Beijing introduced the concept of a closed ring concept , which will isolate the athletes, officials, volunteers, drivers, and cooks completely from the general public in China.

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Source: Radio France International, January 17, 2022中国/20220117-北京冬季奥运会-不卖票但测选观众