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CNA: China Cut Orders; Lithuania’s Century-Old Brewery Switched to Taiwan

Primary Taiwanese news agency Central News Agency (CNA) recently reported that, affected by the diplomatic turmoil between Lithuania and China, Lithuania’s oldest brewery Volfas Engelman lost all Chinese orders last fall. CEO Marius Horbačauskas said that Volfas entered the Taiwan market in mid-2020. In the first year, sales volume was about 8,000 liters. However, in 2021, the volume surged to 180,000 liters, a 23-fold increase. Though not wanting to get involved in politics, Volfas was informed near the end of last summer that the Chinese Internet and the media were criticizing Lithuanian products, and they were boycotted in the Chinese market. In the end, Volfas Beer was notified in October that all orders by the end of the year were cancelled. Marius said that 30 years ago, Lithuania fought and sacrificed to break away from the Soviet Union and restore freedom and independence, so it is easy to sympathize with other nations who have experienced similar experiences. Smaller countries have different needs and behavioral patterns and therefore it is easier for them to understand each other.

Source: CNA, January 17, 2022