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Former Wuhan Municipal Party Secretary Ma Guoqiang Held Accountable for Covid-19 Epidemic, Made a High-Profile Comeback

According to the Sound of Hope radio network, on the second anniversary of the lockdown of Wuhan (due to the covid-19 outbreak), Ma Guoqiang, the former secretary of the Wuhan Municipal (Communist) Party Committee, who Xi Jinping dismissed for accountability (for the Wuhan Covid-19 Epidemic), made a high-profile comeback.

At the “two sessions” (the National People’s Congress and the People’s Political Consultative Conference) of Hubei Province on January 23, Ma Guoqiang was elected as the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress. “Beijing News,” “Caixin,” “” and other official media have reported the news of Ma Guoqiang’s new appointment.

In 2020, Xi Jinping removed Jiang Chaoliang, then secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and Ma Guoqiang, Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, to curb the loss of the regime’s reputation and credibility due to Wuhan’s covid-19 outbreak running out-of-control. Xi took the opportunity to replace the top positions with members of his faction to be in charge of Hubei.

Source: Sound of Hope, January 23, 2022