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Propaganda: CCP Organized Chinese Olympics Athletes to Vow to Compete for Its Superior Leader

On January 25, Beijing organized over 170 athletes competing in the Beijing Winter Olympics Games to come to Tiananmen Square to make a vow. The vow was in the strong style of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) propaganda that was rare to see in China these days but common during Mao Zedong’s era.

Their vow consisted of five sentences:

“For the sake of the motherland – rush, rush, rush (为了祖国冲冲冲)

To live up to the people’s expectations – fight, fight, fight (不负人民拼拼拼)

To repay the Superior Leader I will spare no effort (报答领袖豁出去)

Always compete for first place and never give up (永争第一不认怂)

Follow the (CCP’s) General Secretary to go to the future (跟着总书记一起向未来)”

Chinese netizens criticized that some sentences in the vow were so flagrant in order to please the communist party leader Xi Jinping and that nowadays, people can only see this style of communication in North Korea’s propaganda. Some state media avoided mentioning some sentences. Youth Daily  (a newspaper under the Shanghai Communist Youth League Committee) posted a title of the event with a blank page. CCTV reported the event, but its video cut out the third and fourth sentences.

The full vow can be seen here:

CCTV’s news video:

Source: Epoch Times, January 28, 2022