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Pandemic: China’s “Zero” COVID Policy Hands Companies Huge Profits

A video of the talk by Huang Wansheng during a private gathering was spread on the Internet. Huang is a scholar at the Yenching Institute of Harvard University and a distinguished Professor at Tsinghua University in China.

Huang said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) paid $27,000 to buy a one-way ticket for him in July 2020 to go to Beijing to lead a technological pandemic prevention project “that Xi Jinping himself led directly.”

Huang said that China’s “Zero” COVID policy was driven by the CCP’s elite group to collect money. A company in China made 670 billion yuan (US $106 billion) from nucleic acid testing. Whenever a city has one or a few COVID-19 cases, the interest-vested CCP group orders the whole city to be tested so that they can make a huge profit by selling the testing kits. Forcing people to take multiple vaccine shots  serves the same purpose.

Source: Epoch Times, February 9, 2022