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China News Service: U.S. Publicity about Free Navigation in the South China Sea is to Contain China

China News Service recently published a special article written by Liu Feitao, a scholar from the China Institute of International Affairs. The article questioned U.S. public discussion about “freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.” Liu stated, “Since July, on various public occasions, U.S. politicians have frequently mentioned ‘freedom and security of navigation in the South China Sea,’ claiming it ‘is in the national interest of the U.S.’ and that the U.S. opposes ‘any activities obstructing freedom of navigation.’”

The article says that the fact that the U.S. purposely brought up an issue that was a non-issue to begin with is really because of “well-thought-out ulterior motives.” The author believes that the U.S. has three reasons for doing this: first, to maintain the U.S. military hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region; second, to seek support in maintaining its Asia-Pacific strategy; and third, to use the South China Sea issue to contain China.

Source: China News Service, November 9, 2010