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China to Strengthen Control of City Residents

Xinhua was authorized to publish “The Opinion on Strengthening and Improving the Development of the Urban Community Residential Committee,” which was jointly issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the CCP and the General Office of the State Council on November 9. This directive stressed that such a committee is the CCP’s basic organization in the city and called for great efforts from Party organizations at all levels to develop it. The directive also emphasized the important role that the residential committee plays in maintaining social stability.

Such a committee will be strictly under the Party’s leadership. The concomitant Party committee members are suggested to be “democratically” elected as the heads of the residential committee. The residential committee will have 5-9 staff members. The city-level government will provide the financing for both the staff salaries and for operations. It will also provide annual training in Party ideology for the head of the committee and training for other members every two years. The provincial Party committee will meet regularly to discuss residential committee development work and the city, county, and district Party secretaries will be directly responsible for the development work.

Source: Xinhua, November 9, 2010