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Huanqiu: China Model Will Beat the West

Qiushi republished an article from Huanqiu which argued that, compared to countries that follow the Western-styled democratic and economic development model, China has made much greater progress. China does not need to negate its own political and economic model. In the end, China will laugh at its competition with the West.

The article criticized the Western democratic and economic model: the “Arab Spring” does not represent the world trend. Since those countries are trapped in turmoil, the “Arab Spring” will become the “Arab Winter.” Taiwan’s fairly peaceful presidential election is nothing, since Taiwan’s economy relies on the mainland. The Greek debt crisis and the U.S. financial crisis are a reflection of the fact that the Western model is going south.

The article claimed that, if China just continues on its current path and utilizes the opportunity to develop itself, its GDP will surpass that of the U.S in ten years. By then, the West will have no choice but to acknowledge the success of China’s political system and the China Model.

Source: Qiushi, April 16, 2012