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Propaganda: Chinese Teacher Taught Students: “Ukraine Is a Spendthrift”

An online video showed a Chinese teacher teaching elementary students that Ukraine is a spendthrift and has wasted all of the assets it inherited when it separated from the USSR.

The teacher said Ukraine inherited a large amount of military assets and asked the students what those assets included. The first students answered, “Nuclear weapons.” The second said, “6,000 tanks.” The third said, “Three aircraft carriers fully loaded with planes that could go anywhere.” (Note: Ukraine sold one carrier to China. It  became China’s first aircraft carrier.)

Then the teacher asked the students what they learned from the Ukraine incident. Students answered by quoting Xi Jinping’s words, “Each of us must live his life in his own way.” Also, “We must study well so we can [later] build the country and defend the country.”

Source: Yahoo!, March 7, 2022影-中國女師罵烏克蘭-敗家子-洗腦學生影片瘋傳-072932351.html