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Pandemic: 17 Cities in China Locked Down in This Current Pandemic Round

China continued to report much higher COVID-19 infection numbers than it reported previously. By now, 28 provinces (out of the total 30) in China have reported COVID cases in this pandemic round. At least 17 cities imposed lockdowns in their city and Jilin Province locked down the entire province.

For the day of March 22, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) reported 2,591 confirmed infection cases and 2,346 asymptomatic cases, or a total of 4,937 cases. The CCP is known for hiding COVID information, so the actual infection count is unknown.

Shanghai reported 981 cases on March 22, including 4 confirmed infection cases and 977 asymptomatic cases. A posting on the Internet said that Shanghai found 8,000 asymptomatic patients on March 21, on just one day alone and the authorities, to hide the information, is spreading the count over multiple days to report only eight to nine hundred cases each day. The authorities claimed this report was untrue.

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