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China-Europe Railway Express Arrived in Moscow

On March 25, a local Chinese newspaper, Hubei Daily, reported that the China-Europe Railway Express, “Yangtze River,” carried 41 containers of goods, left the train station in Xianning, a city located in China’s Hubei province, and departed for Europe.

The contents of the containers on this China-Europe rail train include auto parts, medical supplies, household appliances, and household goods. 41 containers weighed about 770 tons, with a total value of more than 14 million yuan (US$2.20 million). The train hummed through the port of Manzhouli, a city in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and was expected to arrive in Moscow in 14 days after a journey of 9700 kilometers, or about 6000 miles.

Compared with sea freight, railway freight saves at least a month in travel time.

Source: Hubei Daily, March 26, 2022