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Pandemic: Unconfirmed Report: 100,000 People Sent to Help Shanghai

During the day on April 4, China reported 16,412 COVID cases (1,173 confirmed infection cases and 15,239 asymptomatic cases). Shanghai reported 13,354 cases (268 confirmed infection cases and 13,086 asymptomatic cases). Jilin province reported 2,472 cases (792 confirmed infection cases and 1,680 asymptomatic cases). The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is known for hiding COVID information, so the actual infection count remains unknown.

Shanghai previously announced a lock-down in Pudong (the east half of the city) from March 28 to April 1 and in Puxi (the west half of the city) from April 1 to April 5. The whole city remained in lock-down after the planned dates.

An Internet article titled “A Great Battle to Determine the Fate of China Is about to Start in Shanghai” mentioned the following:

  • Almost every street in Shanghai has COVID positive patients.
  • The top CCP leadership is mobilizing the whole nation’s resources to fight the prevention of COVID  and to control the battle. The military and 16 provinces are sending 100,000 people to Shanghai to help. Among them, the military is sending about 10,000 people.
  • The whole state machine is running at full speed to send people and supplies to Shanghai. By April 3, over 150 civilian planes, over 10 military planes, and several dozen high-speed trains had brought many people to Shanghai.
  • Shanghai will move tens of thousands of infected patients out to neighboring provinces (Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province) to quarantine them and to reduce Shanghai’s case count. Shanghai set a target of having a zero COVID count by April 11 and will reopen on April 18.

Another article on the Internet showed an urgent official document that the CCP ordered six cities in Zhejiang Province (Hangzhou, Ningbo, Huzhou, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Taizhou) to prepare to receive 30,000 people from Shanghai.

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