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Government: Beijing Defends its “Zero-COVID” Strategy

The COVID-19 virus is continuing to spread in China. Since April, 12 local authorities (in provinces, cities, and counties) have imposed lockdowns either of their whole region or within a district. This is in addition to Shanghai, which was locked down in March. Around 373 million people in China are now living under COVID lockdown measures. {1}

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controlled media recently published several commentary articles to defend the “Zero-COVID” strategy and downplay the humanitarian crisis and the economic impact of both COVID and the lockdowns. The following are comments from the CCP’s media:

  • Xinhua on April 12: A Short-Term “Pain” Will not Shake China’s Economic Fundamentals {2}
  • Xinhua on April 15: A Temporary “Restriction” Is for a Better “Loosening Up” – Understand the Necessity of the “Zero-COVID” Policy by reading the Explanations of Authoritative Experts’  {3}
  • China News Service on April 16: Act Quickly to Control the Quickly-Spreading Virus and Do Not “Lie Flat (Stop Working)”; Life Will Return to Normal In the End {4}

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