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Government: Beijing Criticized Shanghai Officials for Passively Resisting COVID Control

Shanghai’s COVID continues spreading causing many humanitarian problems to occur. Beijing blames Shanghai officials for their inaction in the control of COVID .

People’s Daily, the CCP’s central media, published a commentary on April 10 to stress that the country persevere in the “Zero-COVID” strategy. It criticized certain officials’ for not putting in their best effort. “The antonym of ‘persevere’ is to ‘give up.’ Surrendering or giving up in front of the pandemic means to give up the previous success of COVID prevention and control.” “Any thought of lying down or waiting or relying on [the central government] or any thought of taking it lightly is greatly irresponsible to the big picture of pandemic prevention and control.”

From April 7 to April 9, Shanghai removed eight local officials for their poor performances .

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