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CRN: China’s Real Challenges

China Review News (CRN) recently published a commentary suggesting that real challenges lie ahead for China over the next five to ten years. The author expressed the belief that the true issues are not the international environment or military conflicts. Instead, the true issues are domestic social reforms, the financial system, and the Internet. In five to ten years, China will approach the point where the size of its economy is close to that of the United States and China’s power in the areas of science and the military will enjoy major improvements. The author suggested that the U.S. will do the following to maintain its leadership: attack the Chinese currency; control the Chinese financial system by participating in China’s reforms; push “Internet freedom” and promote democracy; support human rights lawyers, underground religions, and political opposition; agitate among China’s allies and neighboring countries; and establish pro-US international rules in a number of areas. 
Source: China Review News, August 2, 2012