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Wuhan Municipal Newspaper Urges the Government to Regain Legitimacy and the People’s Hearts

On July 30, 2012, Sina carried a commentary originally published by Changjiang Daily, the official newspaper of the Wuhan Municipal Committee, titled, “It Is Urgent to Regain Legitimacy and the People’s Hearts.” The commentary attributed the cause of China’s current social conflicts to how the government has mishandled incidents. It urged the government to start immediately to repair the damage and regain the hearts of the people before it is too late.

According to the commentary, the increased number of mass riots and their intensity have reached a level that has never been seen before. The core cause is the government’s misconduct and its attitude when dealing with the situations. The government has chosen either to neglect the situation or handle the case with arrogance or a rude attitude. Some have tried to use money to reach a settlement.

The commentary stated that the measures that the government has used in handling situations have worn down its legitimacy and caused it to distance itself from the people. “They are avoiding the conflicts and increasing the intensity of conflicts with society. As a matter of fact they are wearing out their legitimacy and distancing themselves from the people.” The commentary further stated, “Economic achievement does not equate with or replace the legitimacy of the government. The major historical mission is how can the government rebuild its legitimacy and authority.” The commentary warned that the time to take action is not unlimited.

Source: Sina, July 30, 2012