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RFI: Why Was There No In-Depth Discussion of Gu Kailai’s Motives in the Murder Case?

After the Gu Kailai murder trial, Radio France Internationale published an article in which the author questioned why, in the trial of Gu Kailai on the charge of murdering English businessman Neil Heywood, there was no in depth discussion of Gu’s motives for committing murder. The article quoted Zhao Xiangcha, a history student who attended the court trial. Zhao stated, “As to the motives for the murder, something that everyone is questioning and which is a key issue in this murder case, both sides seemed to have a mutual understanding and did not have any in depth discussion.”

According to RFI, after the trial, Zhao Xiangcha tried to describe the details he recollected from the trial on, a social network website. However, the posting was immediately taken down.

The article called the murder case a total exposure of the dark side of China’s political circle. It stated that it was horrifying to learn all the details of the murder that were disclosed at the trial, the depth to which China’s political ring was involved, and the cruelty involved in the case. The article also questioned whether there might be other such plots that are hidden and yet to be disclosed. All of these, however, are determined by how the power balance at the upper level plays out, which is a sign of how corrupt the Chinese judicial system has become.

The article concluded: Gu’s trial suggests that it is time to rebuild China’s political lives and its public value system.

Source: Radio France Internationale, August 10, 2012