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Qiu Shi: Chinese Economic Trend from a Global Angle

Qiu Shi, a magazine of CCP Central Committee, recently published an article discussing the direction in which China’s economy is headed, given the background of the global downturn. The author expressed the belief that, although the global economy seems to be recovering slowly, the long term expectations are that it is moving in a negative direction. The world economy currently is a mixed bag of a number of pros and cons, such as uncertainty in Europe, lowered global inflation, capital outflows in emerging countries, and global investments shrinking in value. Impacted by the world economy, China faces some challenges: (1) the high pressure of a downturn; (2) small businesses are still struggling; (3) food prices are fluctuating significantly. The author suggested that China should take positive actions: (1) government investments should continue; (2) the government should support strategic new industries; (3) Mid-Western provinces will have more growth based on industries that have moved from the east; (4) domestic consumer spending should be encouraged; (5) second half imports and exports will speed up. The article concluded that the Chinese economy still has hope despite its difficulties.

Source: Qiu Shi, August 2, 2012