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The Epoch Times: Gu Kailai’s Real Reason for Murdering British Businessman Neil Haywood

The Epoch Times, an overseas multi-language media, published an exclusive report on the real reason that British businessman Neil Haywood was murdered. According to the report, Haywood could not be trusted to remain silent about what he knew. A trusted source told Epoch Times that Heywood was killed because of “his involvement in forced live organ harvesting and the alleged sale of dead bodies. He was also involved in assisting in plans for a coup.”

According to The Epoch Times’ source, “Allegedly Heywood was involved with Bo and Gu in the business of organ harvesting in Liaoning Province. This is what sealed his death warrant because Heywood had begun leaking information about their involvement in this atrocity.”

Earlier this year, Epoch Times reported that it had received information from a reliable source in Dalian City that the vast majority of the bodies that were made available to the factories that performed the mummification process were murdered Falun Gong practitioners. The public security bureaus and courts collected the bodies and sold them at a high price to the mummification factories. From there the bodies were shipped to museums around the world for exhibition, generating billions of dollars in annual income.

The Epoch Times article also stated that Heywood knew about Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai’s coup plans and helped with certain activities outside of China. Moreover, Heywood allegedly helped to move the billions that Bo and Gu had acquired through various deals inside China into accounts outside of China.

Sources: The Epoch Times, August 10, 2012