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Chengming: New Party Office Established to Stop Party Officials from Fleeing Overseas

Hong Kong’s Chengming magazine reported that a new office has been established to stop Communist officials from fleeing China. Li Keqiang, Vice Premier and Standing Member of the Communist Party Politburo, is the head of the new office. It is called the “Command Group to Fight against Communist Officials and Government Employees Fleeing the Country.” It was established on September 22, 2012, and started operations the next day.

According to Chengming, the "anti-fleeing" office focuses on three major regions, 20 airports, 9 ports, and 12 border crossings. Over 8,000 SWAT members were deployed at the targeted locations on or before September 28. Over 350 anti-counterfeiting instruments have been installed at these locations to detect fake documents. In the past two months, the Ministry of Public Security has validated and replaced ID cards, passports, and other travel documents for over 70,000 senior officials and over 448,000 mid-level officials.

It was reported that between 2000 and 2011, China captured 18,487 Communist officials suspected of attempting to flee the country. Funds recovered during a five year period reached 54.19 billion yuan.

Source: Chengming, October 1, 2012