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Xinhua: See How the United States Muddies the Waters in the Asia-Pacific

Xinhua published a series of articles describing how the United States is creating trouble in the Asia-Pacific region. In the summary, the article listed some of the key points: “Since announcing it would shift its strategic center eastward to the Asia-Pacific, the United States has repeatedly conducted activities in northeast Asia and the South China Sea. 

“Regarding the recent Diaoyu Islands issue, the United States keeps saying it will remain neutral and not choose sides, but it acknowledges that the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty applies to the Diaoyu Islands. 
“In the issue of the Korean Peninsula, the United States ‘approved’ the increase in South Korea’s ballistic missile range up to 800 kilometers, which means that the launch of ballistic missiles from the central region of South Korea will be able to cover the whole territory of North Korea. North Korea reacted strongly … causing experts to worry that it will result in a large-scale arms race in northeast Asia. 
“On the South China Sea issue, the United States continues backing the Philippines and Vietnam to ‘counterbalance’ China.” 
The article concluded that “the purpose of the United States is to muddy the waters in the Asia-Pacific and leave the entire region without peace by stimulating an arms race in the Asia-Pacific countries. Then the United States will have an "excuse" to intervene directly in the Asia-Pacific situation.” 
Source: Xinhua, October 11, 2012