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Oriental Daily: Amazon Halted Kindle Business in China

Popular Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily recently reported that global E-commerce leader Amazon said it will stop supplying Kindle e-book readers to Chinese retailers and, next year, it will close its Kindle e-book store in China. Amazon announced this decision on its official WeChat account and said the company was adjusting the strategic focus of its business and that other business lines in China would continue to operate. Amazon will cease operating its Kindle e-book China store on June 30, 2023. Customers will not be able to buy new e-books. For e-books already purchased, customers can download until June 30, 2024, and continue reading thereafter. The Kindle app in the Chinese app store will also be removed in 2024. Amazon China’s business includes cross-border e-commerce businesses that include Amazon overseas purchases, Amazon’s global store, Amazon advertising, Amazon global logistics, Amazon cloud technology, Amazon smart hardware and services, and other Amazon products. A spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce said earlier that he noticed that Amazon had just announced the closure of its e-book business in China. As the second largest consumer market in the world, China is rapidly developing and emphasizing its products and services. For various market entities, including foreign companies, it is a normal phenomenon in the market economy to adjust products and services accordingly.

Source: Oriental Daily, June 2, 2022