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Bo Xilai Scandal – A Very Profound Lesson

Cai Mingzhao, the spokesman for the 18th National Communist Party Congress, said that the Chinese Communist Party has learned a “very profound lesson” from the Bo Xilai scandal. “What happened with regard to Bo Xilai, Liu Zhijun, and others involves serious cases of corruption among senior Party leaders. The lesson is very profound. … The Party Central Committee and the State Council attaches great importance to honest government and anti-corruption work. They have consistently stressed the point that, regardless of who the offenders are and how high their rank, as long as they engage in corruption, [they will] resolutely investigate and pull no punches. The handling of the Bo Xilai and Liu Zhijun investigations has fully demonstrated the strong determination and attitude of our Party with respect to building a clean government and combating corruption.”

[Editor’s Note: On October 26, China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate announced that Bo was placed under investigation for suspected crimes. Under Chinese law, China’s Supreme People’s Court will be the court that tries Bo Xilai, meaning there will be no appeal.]

Source: The Communist Party of China website, November 7, 2012