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Delegates to the National Congress on Challenges and Threats to the Ruling Party

Xinhua published an article about the 18th National Congress, quoting comments that a number of the delegates to the Congress made on the issues and challenges that the Party faces.

Shu Bing, CEO of, stated that the most serious threat to the ruling Party is the Party’s detachment from the people. He wished that the Party would use the Internet to listen to people’s voices. Dai Yanqun, the deputy head of the Party School stated that, if the Party is not able to work with the people, it will eventually cause problems. Er Yuehe, a writer, believed that one of the biggest threats to the Party is the problem of maintaining the Party’s authority. One delegate noted that whether the Party can control corruption and fulfill the mission of serving the people is a test. Some delegates highlighted the issue of the widening gap between the income of residents of urban areas and residents of the countryside. Some expressed concerned about the quality of economic growth, as so much more attention has been paid to the rate and scale of China’s economic growth.

Source: Xinhua, November 10, 2012