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Banks in Multiple Chinese Provinces Restrict Depositors’ Withdrawals

Following the protests of thousands of depositors in Henan Province as they could not withdraw their money from a local bank, people in China have discovered that the difficulty in withdrawing money has also occurred in other provinces and cities.

According to China Times, a newspaper based in Beijing, one depositor from Shaanxi province, who opened an account at a Hainan branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), recently found he was unable to withdraw, transfer or spend money from his account. Another depositor from Hunan province also said that he had his bank card frozen after taking out a loan from a bank.

Another mainland Chinese newspaper, Securities Daily, reported that similar cases also took place in Beijing and in Shandong province. In response to media inquiries, the bank involved said the operation was a risk control measure taken by officials to prevent accounts from being used for money laundering.

Source: Radio France International, July 20, 2022