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China’s Media Continues to Spread that Covid Virus May Have Come from U.S. Biological Laboratory

China News, a major news media in China, recently published an article titled, “Lancet Scholar Says New Coronavirus May Have Originated in U.S. Biological Laboratory.” The article cited a report from Russia Today. The article stated, “Jeffrey Sachs, chairman of the new crown committee of the international medical journal The Lancet, said that the new coronavirus may not have come from nature. It may have originated from an accident in a U.S. biotech laboratory.”

The article was republished on many media channels in China including Xinhua.

Radio Free Asia pointed out that Chinese media blatantly tampered with the original words of U.S. experts.

According to Radio Free Asia, Sachs made it clear that, “I’m pretty sure it came from biotechnology in American labs — not from nature.” Sachs said so in a speech at a conference hosted by the Spanish think tank GATE Center in mid-June.

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