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PLA Major General Peng Guangqian: Be Ready to Deal with any New Troubles that the U.S. Creates

According to China Review News on December 17, 2010, Major General Peng Guangqian of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), a Deputy Secretary-General of China’s National Security Policy Committee at the China Association of Policy Science, recently visited the headquarters of China Review News in Hong Kong.

Peng said that the U. S. is more and more of a “troublemaker” than a “peacemaker” in the Asia Pacific area. He believes that China must be vigilant and ready to deal with any new troubles the U.S. creates. “In recent years, because of the global financial crisis, the U. S. has suffered serious setbacks in its economy, its moral image, and its values." Peng said that "because it is worried about its hegemony, the U.S. has increased its involvement in the East so it can hold back China’s development."

Source: China Review News, December 17, 2010